What is MobileRadio.hk?

MobileRadio.hk is a media community and directory that gives bloggers the power to share their audio blogs, get detailed audience measurements and host their audio and video. Whether you are a media creator, advertiser or media consumer, MobileRadio.hk is your digital media interface.


MobileRadio.hk is for Everyone

MobileRadio.hk is the perfect site to find, subscribe to and share your favorite media content.

  • MobileRadio.hk’s integrated search function and tags allow users to easily find programs or individual episodes related to the topics they’re interested in.
  • The “MyFavoriteBlog” feature allows you to manage multiple digital media subscriptions online.
  • Find the shows you like, add them to your ”MyFavoriteBlog” (Coming soon…) and viola a single RSS feed is created. Use this to “catch” media in all standard applications and services such as iTunes, My Yahoo and iGoogle.
  • “Juice” your favorite episodes to let everyone know what they should be checking out.
  • Let the content producers know what they are doing right and wrong. Sign their guest book or leave a comment on a specific episode.


MobileRadio.hk is for Media Creators

Make Money

  • Create an account
  • Tell us about your show
  • Get invited to join ad campaigns


Know Your Audience

  • Get the most accurate statistics
  • View easy to read reports
  • Receive detailed geographic data

Media Hosting

  • Add your show notes
  • Upload your audio / video
  • Chill, we’ll do the rest


MobileRadio.hk is for Advertisers

Gain the ability to access new markets via hundreds of available content channels that reach a worldwide audience of nearly all demographics. Here are some more compelling reasons why advertisers should send their message via MobileRadio.hk:

  • The MobileRadio.hk community has a strong track record in managing advertising deals for organizations seeking to leverage the power of podcasting.
  • A constant flow of new content means extremely dynamic opportunities to reach powerful new markets the world over.
  • Our integrated advertising surveys allow us to quickly identify and present the shows that will meet your advertising needs.
  • You get the flexibility to select only the podcast shows that fit the needs for your specific campaign.